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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Transportation between Houses

Hi again! So for today's post, we'll look at the ziplines and bridges in Bricktown. Aand here we go!

Aww, the picture didn't come out right. That's my character holding on for her life. The zipline extends from Bram's house to my house.

This picture was taken for the bridge, but you can't really see it here. Sorry 'bout that...but you can kinda see the zipline (going diagonally down). It looks sort of like a spiderweb, from top left corner. Bram's house (left) Isis' (Floria's) house (center) and my house (bottom right).

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hi again!

Just a quick look at some of my other blogs.

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Thanks guys!

Bram's House and Chef Jeff's Cafe

I've been putting off this post for a long time now. It's been the BIG one. This thing stands almost as tall as me. It's kinda scary, actually. So here it is.

Let's start from the bottom. This is the lake, the rocks, and the stilts of the house. There's a ladder- and that's part of the stage in the bottom right. There's a cat bowl too...why is that there?

This is the first floor. See the gray ladder? That's the same ladder as in the last picture.

Next room and Loftwing. I love the smiley face in the yellow wall.

Next room up, this is where the Hexbugs live. Hmm, I haven't done a post on Hexbug jousts yet, have I?

Here's the garden. Top left corner, the pink lattice of the room we just looked at.

Chef Jeff's, I'll come back to this later.

This floor is mostly empty...

The crew. This is (most of) Bram's family.

A few more people, the "generator" (protects Bricktown from zombies) and the top of the building.

Here's Bram displaying all his weapons. This guy has to be pretty strong!

This is Chef Jeff's Cafe. It's built on a sturdy platform that juts out of Bram's house, right by the Hexbug Home.

The top of Chef Jeff's. Oh no! I didn't make Chef Jeff stand up...haha. So he's just lying down.

Well, that's Bram's house. When it gets as tall as me, I'll get a height picture for ya. Currently though, it's as tall as my ten-year-old brother.

Random Funny Things #1

As said before, my birthday was a few days ago. Well, I got the Ninjago Golden Dragon set for a present, (Thanks, guys!) and for Christmas I had gotten a Lego ornament full of gold bricks. Any idea how that worked out?

Let me show you.
...That is dragon poop. That dragon is pooping in the lake.

And that, people, is the random funny thing of, I don't know how often I'll be posting this stuff. It's just the random funny thing.

Whovians Unite!

So...for my birthday a few days ago, we had a Doctor Who marathon. And after that I went to Bricktown and grabbed a bunch of blue Lego pieces. This is the result.

From left: Tenth Doctor, TARDIS, Rose Tyler
Can you see the bow tie? I know it's the Tenth Doctor but I really had to add the bow tie...


Time and Relative Dimensions in Space

It took about an hour to find all the pieces I needed (as you can see, the windows of the TARDIS were sort of improvised) but it was definitely worth it. I even gave the Doctor a little sonic screwdriver.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lego Libraries (this post is really late, sorry)

Our library recently had a Lego contest called Library of the Future. With your own pieces, you would put into bricks exactly what a "library of the future" is. Mine is right here.
Sorry about the blocky picture, taken with an iPhone

See all the plants? That's to stop global warming. 

And the really small building? That's because physical books are rare and ebooks don't need lots of storage.

And the random piano in the front? Uh, yeah. I just wanted to put it in there.

Hovercrafts? Because they're awesome, and it's a futuristic idea.

The top floor comes off, too. You can see inside in this picture.

Oh, the number 2. I was the second person to check into the 12-18 age group.

Welcome, Skyward Dragons!

It's my brother's birthday I thought I would set something up in Bricktown for him. That turned out to be a rock band, the Skyward Dragons. Well, here they are. So...who's in this band, anyway? Well, that's my Lego person with the guitar. There's Lark at the drums. And finally, Elora at the keyboard. Speakers are below the stage (I forgot a mic though...). As you can see, there is a pretty big crowd to see the Skyward Dragons today: especially for a first performance!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


A few months ago, I spent days on the Internet, on animal shelter-type websites, trying to find two gray kittens. After about three days, I found them--Cobalt and Chicory. Two little fluffballs, one gray, the other black. We went to the SPCA and bought them. We were worried that Cobalt wouldn't be friendly, because when we went up to the kennel, he was pressed against the back wall and hissing. Chicory was at the front, sniffing us and letting us touch him.
Cobalt Silver Miller (we decided to keep Cobalt as a name) is one of the friendliest cat I've ever met--and one of the softest (below).
Cobalt, sleeping

 Peregrin Iridium Obsidian Took Miller (Pippin--below) is extremely cute (fat, too).
Pippin curled up on my leg

For a long time they left Bricktown alone.
Purely adorable

A few weeks ago, however, Pippin developed the habit of jumping onto the table and selecting a choice brick, which he then would pick up and drop over the edge. Then both Pippin and Cobalt would chase it all over the house. We're planning to move Bricktown into another room that has doors.
However, until then, Godzilla I and Godzilla II will continue to terrorize the inhabitants of Bricktown, USA.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

The House Boat

Bram has recently built himself a portable vacation home, otherwise known as the Houseboat.
Houseboat in port, located right by Bram's house in the corner of Bricktown.
The knight in the speeder can be ejected easily and can be used as a scout.
Speeder by itself
Speeder in launch port

Luxury is a prerequisite thing in a Houseboat, all other things being optional. This one, for example, has a swimming pool.
The steering wheel of the boat sits on an island. Trees grow from the edges. This pool seems impossible- There is a lower floor right under it, isn't there?- but Lego people can swim, and the pool seems deep enough.

Sometimes the owner of the boat doesn't feel like having random Lego people swimming. Maybe he doesn't even want anyone on his boat at all! If that is the case,
this rubber-band powered catapult is the perfect solution. Unwanted visitors can be ejected quickly and efficiently.

And now, a look at the pieces used in the wall of the boat.

Many of these brown wall pieces come from the Ninjago Fire Temple. They are very useful and work well in walls and decorations.

Well, I think that I've said enough about the Houseboat for now. Comment if you have any questions!